How To Fix QuickBooks Error 15103 ?

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How to End QuickBooks Error 15103 Fully?

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 15103

QuickBooks error 15103 interrupts while the user tries to modernize the QuickBooks application. However, this blog is for you, If you’ve encountered this error and can’t feel to resolve it. Then you’ll find detailed information about the error, when it appears, where it comes from, and how to remove it completely.

Occasionally errors and issues occur while streamlining the QuickBooks operation or the payroll function. One similar common error is the QuickBooks error 15103, which prevents the users from performing the update process. The error generally occurs due to a damaged or corrupted train, although there can be other possible reasons for this error.

The error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop states that the update program is damaged or can not be opened, and therefore, you need to address this error law incontinently. In this composition, we’re going to talk about the QuickBooks error law 15103 in detail, along with its reasons and effective results to exclude it.

What’s QuickBooks Error 15103?

Error law 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop emerges when the users download the QB Desktop update or payroll. Incorrect configuration is among the numerous reasons leading to this issue. When users face this problem, they’re unfit to pierce the bettered features that come with the update. Downloading, streamlining, installing, or uninstalling becomes grueling when this error is present.

This error also appears in multi-user mode as it restricts the users from penetrating the company train in similar settings. The 15103 error QuickBooks Desktop appears as follows

Error 15103 unfit to open the update program Or  Error 15103 The update program is damaged

Before diverting attention towards troubleshooting, it’s essential to outline the reasons that spark the error. It’ll help you apply the correct steps, just like taking the right drug when you fall ill.

QuickBooks Update Error 15103 Possible Causes

The factors that might be contributing to the QuickBooks error law 15103 are –

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer isn’t rightly configured, and you need to perform a reconfiguration.
  2. QuickBooks is unfit to corroborate the digital hand of the train.
  3. QuickBooks isn’t rightly installed, or the installation lines are moreover damaged or corrupted.
  4. Windows registry issues can also beget the error law 15103.
  5. There’s some contagion or malware infection that has infected QuickBooks.
  6. Some essential Windows lines are corrupted or damaged.
  7. Your Windows OS is outdated and might not be compatible with your current QuickBooks interpretation.
  8. An unprofitable QuickBooks installation can also lead to an update error.
  9. Poor network connectivity can beget error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop.
  10. The time and date settings on the PC are incorrect, causing incompatibility in operations.
  11. Firewall settings may be interposing the app’s access to the internet.
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Results for Addressing the QuickBooks Desktop Error 15103

The QuickBooks error communication 15103 can be fluently remedied by following the results handed below –

Result 1 – Run the QuickBooksReboot.bat train as a Windows Admin

You need to run the thereboot.bat train by using your admin rights to resolve QB error 15103.

  1. Find the QB icon and right-click on it to elect the parcels menu, followed by opting for the Open train position option.
  2. Type reboot orreboot.bat in the hunt box and right-click on the train to elect the Run as Administrator option.
  3. Click Yes and renew your PC to rerun QuickBooks and check the status of the error law.

Result 2 – Download the rearmost QB Updates and Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop

You need to modernize QuickBooks to the Rearmost release to fix any errors and glitches that might be causing the QuickBooks update error 15103.

  1. From the C drive, go to the Program Data menu and open the QuickBooks Folder to go to its factors.
  2. Select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks Help menu in QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Click on Reset Update from the Update Now tab and select the Get Updates option.
  4. Let the downloads complete, and formerly done, rerun QuickBooks, and elect Install Now to install the lately downloaded updates.

Result 3 – Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub Utility to Fix the Application Issues within

Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub to use the different tools within and fix the issues with your operation.

  1. Download theQuickBooksToolHub.exe train and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Tool Hub mileage.
  2. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to the Program Problems tab to spark the Quick Fix My Program tool to run a form.
  3. Check if the error law is fixed and if not, go to the Company Train Issues tab to elect the QuickBooks train Croaker mileage.
  4. Browse your company train and elect the Check your train and Network option to repair train and network issues.
  5. Click Continue and give your admin word to complete the form process to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop error 15103.

Result 4 – Switch to the Windows Safe Mode from the Run Window

You need to reinstall QuickBooks by cranking the picky incipiency mode and exclude the error.

  1. Press Windows R to open the Run window and type msconfig to run the command.
  2. From the General tab, checkmark the picky incipiency option and uncheck the cargo System Services option.
  3. Click OK and renew your system to rerun QuickBooks and check the error status.
  4. Incipiently, switch back to the Normal Startup Mode and start your computer again.

Result 5 – Install and Import the Intuit Digital hand Certificate

Install the digital hand instrument to resolve the QB error law 15103.

  1. Go to the Program Files tab from the C drive to elect your current QB interpretation and typeQBW32.exe.
  2. Right-click on theQBW32.exe train to elect the parcels and go to the Digital hand tab.
  3. From the program list, elect Intuit and click on View Certificate to install it.
  4. Select the Install Certificate option and hit Next to complete installing the digital hand.
  5. Megahit Finish and let the import process end to renew your PC. Download the update again and amend the QuickBooks update error 15103.

Result 6 – Check for Windows Updates and Install the Recent Available Updates

You need to upgrade your Windows OS to the rearmost interpretation to relieve the issues while streamlining the program.

  1. Right-click the Windows Start icon and select Settings to go to the Update & Security section.
  2. Download the latest updates from the Windows Update section.
  3. To install the Windows OS updates, click Download and Install.
  4. Renew your PC and make sure that your Windows OS is compatible with your current QB interpretation.
  5. Rerun QuickBooks and try streamlining the operation again to see if the QuickBooks error communication 15103 is canceled.

Result 7 – Fix QuickBooks using Windows train form

Damaged, and loose lines offer problems including error 15103 in QuickBooks. Thus, Microsoft provides colorful tools to fix similar lines, which includes Windows Repair. Apply it as follows

  1. Begin by exiting all the handling programs on the computer. Task Manager can help you to check for programs running in the background.
  2. Right-click the Taskbar and a menu will open from which you need to open Task Manager.
  3. Hit this program and valve ‘ End Task ’ to close all of them. ensure to close all so that the further process doesn’t get intruded.
  4. In the Windows search space, type Control Panel and click the top result to launch this window.
  5. Go to the Programs and Features option and select the option that says Uninstall a program in the control panel.
  6. In the coming window, you’ll see a list of programs presently installed on your computer. Click the current QuickBooks interpretation you’re streamlining and choose the options Uninstall/ Change. Confirm this decision by clicking Yes.
  7. An uninstall window will crop on the screen where you need to click Next.
  8. In the following Window that appears, you’ll find the choice to repair or uninstall the program from the system.
  9. Then, valve form and click Next.
  10. Indeed if Windows shows an error that a particular window is open, ignore it if you have followed the original way completely.
  11. After finishing the form process, start your computer again and launch QuickBooks.
  12. Now, see if the error persists while streamlining.

Result 8- Clean Install QuickBooks operation

Use the Clean install tool to get relieve of the disquieting error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop as follows

  1. You can uninstall QuickBooks Desktop by going to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program.
  2. The next step is to download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, install it by accepting the instructions and license agreement, and run it.
  3. Next, brand the QuickBooks installation brochure manually.
  4. Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop and check if the error 15103 persists.

Result 9- Edit the Internet Discoverer Settings

Incorrect configuration of Internet Discoverer can cause QuickBooks error 15103 to erupt. therefore, acclimate these settings as follows

  1. Open Internet Explorer on the Desktop and move the cursor to the gear icon.
  2. Then, choose Internet Options.
  3. Visit the security tab> Trusted spots> spots
  4. After reaching them, add the following spots to the trusted spots list



While the below are for US metropolises, you must change the extension from. com to. ca for Canada.

  1. Hit the close button after adding the below details
  2. Choose the option Apply, also OK, and see if the error is gone.

Result 10 – Configure Firewall Settings and Manage Windows Defender

Safeguard and secure your QuickBooks lines by setting up the firewall and Windows Defender. Incorrect firewall configuration can damage QuickBooks lines, especially while downloading updates or reinstalling any interpretation. take over the following conduct

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and hunt for QuickBooks Database server director.
  2. Next, move to the harborage examiner tab and take your harborage number into account to add it to the firewall exceptions later.
  3. Look into your current QuickBooks interpretation, find the harborage number, and hit the option that says Next.
  4. Now, choose the Allow Connection option on the screen and, Next to Do further.
  5. ensure all biographies are pronounced and click Next.
  6. Now, form a rule and give it a name like QBPorts( time).
  7. Formerly done, hit Finish and end the process.

Result 11: See the Internet connection and QB Settings

  1. Configure your antivirus and firewall to ensure that the QuickBooks lines have sufficient incoming and gregarious internet access.
  2. When the firewall isn’t configured, it causes QuickBooks errors like the 15103 error QuickBooks Desktop to crop.

Result 12 Turn the Users Account Control Off Temporarily

UAC can get impaired temporarily so enable it to resolve the error. Also, restore the security settings as soon as the error gets fixed.

  1. Type UAC in the hunt bar of the launch menu.
  2. Click the “ Modify stoner Account Control Settings. Option on the screen ”
  3. Whatever window opens, you need to move the slider to “ noway Notify. ”
  4. Now, click OK and renew the system.


Errors while streamlining the QuickBooks operation and the payroll function are common. The QuickBooks error 15103 can be fluently addressed by following some effective ways. Follow the results handed over, and if the error law persists, you might need advanced troubleshooting. You can call us at  and get back from our platoon of experts to fix the issue.

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