QuickBooks error 1606

How to fix QuickBooks Error 1606

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Well, facing errors in QuickBooks software is very common because of many reasons. There is such a common reason in 1606. When you wish to know how you can identify the reasons and how you can fix it. This is the right time to read this blog. You can have a look at the sign of QuickBooks error 1606. Further, we will discuss the troubleshooting. With the help of troubleshooting steps, you will able to fix the error and if not then you can get in touch with the support team.

Signs and symptoms of error code 1606

Error Message: When you use QuickBooks, You get an error message indicating “Error 1606: Could Not Access Network Location” or it can be something similar. When this error shows on the screen, it is a clear sign that there is some issue with your QuickBooks.

Delayed Response: Your computer started working slowly, especially when you were trying to install or update the QBD.

Windows Registry Errors: Upon investigation, you may find errors related to registry entries, particularly those associated with user shell folders or network locations.

Freezing or Crashing: If your QuickBooks is having error 1606, it can crash during the installation.

Installation Failure: When trying to install or update the QBD, you are stuck with an installation failure message. Error 1606 can be one reason for this.

Inability to Access Certain Features: After encountering the error, you might find that certain features or functionalities within QuickBooks are inaccessible or not working correctly.

Repeated Error Occurrence: Well, when the error 1606 is not fixed then it will encounter the error again and again when you try to update or install the QuickBooks.

Reasons for error code 1606 in QuickBooks

Nothing happens without any reason and that is also true about QuickBooks. This amazing accounting software shows error code 1606 for some reason. To fix the issue, you must have some idea about the reasons. So, check which are the main reasons for QuickBooks error 1606.

Incomplete Installation: Error 1606 appears when you wish to install the QBD but due to incomplete installation of QBD you are stuck. So, one reason for facing error 1606 is incomplete installations.

Software Conflicts: Conflicts with other software or programs installed on your computer, particularly antivirus or security software, can interfere with the installation or update process of QuickBooks and trigger Error 1606.

Windows Installer Issues: •   A message appears on the screen that “Windows Installer is not accessible.” This error message appears when you try to install or update the QuickBooks software.

Corrupted Installation Files: Corrupted installation files are very common reasons for error codes in QuickBooks. If you face error code 1606, means your QB installation file is corrupted or incomplete.

Insufficient Permissions: If the Windows installer service has insufficient permission then you will get error 1606 because it prevents QB from installation.

Network Issues: Poor internet connection can be one reason for error 1606. So, always try to have good internet. Network issues can cause errors in QuickBooks.

User Profile Issues: If there are any problems with the user profile, like incorrect settings, it can interfere with the QuickBooks installation and update, so you can get error 1606.

Outdated Windows or QuickBooks Version: Running an outdated version of either Windows or QuickBooks may lead to compatibility issues that result in Error 1606 during the installation or update.

Steps to resolve QuickBooks error code 1606:

Now we will see how to fix the error code 1606 from QuickBooks. If you wish to troubleshoot the error by yourself, follow these solutions.

Fix the Windows Installer Service issue:

The first issue with the Windows Installer to resolve errors in QuickBooks.

  • Open the windows and in the start menu type “Service.msc” & then click on OK.
  • On Windows Installer click & choose Properties.
  • Check whether its the service running or not.
  • Set this service to automatic startup type.
  • If it is not running then click on the start button.
  • Finally click on “OK” to save the changes and back.

Troubleshoot the error by reinstallation the QuickBooks:

The help of reinstallation or clean

installation of QuickBooks allows you to fix the error.

 Uninstall the QuickBooks from your system.

  • Now rename the folders to avoid other files interfering with new QB installations.
  • Now download the latest version of QB from Intuit.
  • After downloading, you will have to install the QuickBooks by using the installer


  • Enter the credentials when asked by entering the license key.

 Restore the company file backup.

 If you have no backup then you can create a new company file.

Fix the issue with Disk Space:

Check the disk space in your computer and if found

any issue with it then follow the steps for fixing the disk space issue.

  • Click and open Windows File Explorer.
  • Check the available disk space where you have kept QuickBooks.
  • If you find that the space is low, free up the space by deleting unnecessary files.
  • If there is a larger file which is important then you can move it to an external hard drive.

Install and run the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Last but not least step is to install and run

the QB diagnostic tool You need to download the QBD tool from Intuit.

  •       After downloading install the QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
  •       Run the diagnostic tool and wait for a few minutes.
  •     Wait for troubleshooting.
  •       If your QBD is not updated then restart your system.

After that you need to check your QuickBooks and if it is running well, cognates!

Well, when you are done following all the steps still you are facing error 1606 in

QuickBooks, connect with our support team. The executives of our team are well-trained and skilled in resolving QB issues by all means. So you do not need to worry about QuickBooks error 1606 for fixing because our expert will do it 24/7 whenever you connect with us.

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